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Charity helping the local and world wide by Noel Christopher

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Driving Lessons in East London | School of Motoring in Essex  | Driving Instructor for  Tilbury Essex | East Dagenham Driving School

Grade 6 Driving Instructors Training Courses for PDI - ADI - Check Test and Learner drivers for London and Essex UK

ADI - Grade 6
Driving Instructor Trainer for London and Essex UK

Welcome to Grade 6 driving instructors  training school covering East London and Essex.

Grade 6 Driving Instructor training course for:

For more info on the above  statements please click here

Your search for a Grade 6 ADI driving instructor trainer to train PDI and ADI check test training in East London and Essex are nearly over.

I will teach you the art of, how to memories difficult tasks using the power of visualisation and talk through to overcome fear and how this process can help you when under pressure , like the part 3 ability to instruct (PSTs).

The great Albert Einstein said “Imagination is more important than Knowledge”.

The number one reason why 50% PDI fail the driving instructors test on the part  3 the ability to instruct is due to the trainer lack of enthusiasm and honest opinion of their students progress. So driving instructors who fail or just make it on their ADI check test with an grade 4 , is also due to not practicing what they learnt when teaching their own pupils in every driving lesson.

Lack of knowledge - practical skills are recipes for lack of confidence. When confidence is low fear takes president and you no longer can think straight.

The great late Bruce Lee said “It is not enough to know, we must apply” click for info

By applying you will be rewarded many times over. When I talk to other driving instructors (ADI), I get this common statement “ You can not teach the way they want it… “ meaning what the examiners are looking for can’t be done in a normal driving lessons with the student. This is why there are so many grade 4 driving instructors around.

Before I became an driving instructor ,I always try to teach in an effective  - efficient and with sense of humour to create a friendly environment for learning to take place. This is the Key to my success and it can be yours to.

I do not make promises as some big companies do and fail. I will give you all the tools you need to be successful in your new career as an grade 5 or grade 6 driving instructor and run your own driving school with very little over heads.

Napolean Hill one of the great writers on Success said

“What the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve” click for info

Grade 6  Approved Driving Instructor Mr Noel Christopher

Learn with the very best Grade 6 Driving Instructor in East London and Essex

I will be your guild, mentor and teacher from start to finish. All I ask is your  high willingness to learn. So here are some points you need to consider before signing on the dotted line when choosing the grade 5 or grade 6 driving instructor as your trainer.

Why you need me as your grade 6 driving instructor for part 1 - 2 - 3:

Some of this techniques you will learn be mind blowing. I have used it for many years to archive my goals and desires. I will share this with you to get that ADI badge or Grade 6 on your check test.

Call now on 07960952703

Call now on
079 60 95 27 03
PDI and ADI Your instructor Noel